As we’re being asked to #Staylovebet体育, parents and families are looking for fun ways to keep kids busy. 我们找到了一些有趣的想法 种植宝石玫瑰 让孩子们在花园里忙起来. 我们选出了我们最喜欢的并在这里列出了它们. 如果你尝试这些, 请张贴你的照片或如果你有任何其他想法, 请在下方评论分享. 作为成年人, 其中一些在我们看来也很有趣, so don’t feel like you can’t participate if you don’t have kids at home.


If your kids are a little older and/or are ready to help in the yard, here are a few ideas we found to help keep them busy helping you

你能做的一件事就是打扫你的院子. 这意味着移除叶子, 树枝, 分支机构, dirt and other items that have accumulated over the fall and winter months.   克拉克县有一些共同的问题 & Portland Metro, so if you’re seeing bare batches, there are 一些问题 你可能会面对.

使 it fun – make it a race to gather debris and bring it to the compost pile. 用秒表(或应用程序)给它们计时.

收集树叶, 岩屑, spent foliage and other debris will decompose and create nutrient rich humus for amending your garden. Adding organic compost can be a great way to improve the condition of your soil. 堆肥还有助于提高保水能力, 空气流动,可以提高土壤的强度和感觉. 你院子里的碎片, 如叶子, 植物, grass clippings and even kitchen scraps (not animals) can make great compost. You’ll need to turn it frequently to speed up the decomp process.

做一个 game for your kids by having them take turns turning the compost. Time them and have them pass the turning tool around to all of them.


火坑 are a popular and comforting addition to any yard, 尤其是在太平洋西北部的温带地区! 随着天气开始改变,我们忙碌的生活也开始改变. Work, school, kids and Pre-holiday projects are picking up as we enter the Fall Season.

What better time than now to consider putting in a Fire pit? You have likely thought about it on many occasions, but not gotten around to it. 也许现在是最好的时机.


  • 增加户外活动时间. Mother Nature decides what portion of the year that we can spend outdoors – or comfortably anyway. And outdoor fire pit extends the portion of the year that you can spend in your backyard by providing a heat source. Outdoor gatherings and family evenings can still be enjoyed well into the Fall and sometimes beyond.
  • 创造户外聚会场所. 人们喜欢围在火旁. A fire pit gives you the perfect focal or gathering point where you can relax with family, 朋友和邻居. Putting the word out that you are having a fire that night, and your people will come!
  • Light… Let’s face it, fires provide heat but they also provide light. When you add a fire pit to your backyard or outdoor spaces, you are also adding light.
  • 添加艺术和氛围. Fire pits also add a focal point and a touch of artistry to your outdoor spaces. If it’s a block ring to beautifully tiled fire pits made with natural stone, 板岩, 块,甚至加水, you can really add beauty along with the warmth and light to your yard or garden.
  • 火坑的功能. 除了温暖, 火坑提供的光线和环境, 有些东西也可以是非常有用的.



Some fire pits can be equipped with a grilling surface for barbecues or convert to a table. 火盆可以用来烧木头, propane or natural gas and light with a push of a button or ignite the old-fashioned way… 的 different versions and possibilities are endless. 根据你个人的品味和时尚感, our lovebet体育 Staff can help you with the best “version” for you.

lovebet体育 安排约会!




温哥华,佤邦. , 12月28日, 2016  — 的 国家园林专业协会 (NALP) is pleased to announce the addition of lovebet体育 作为一个参与者 NALP安全公司计划,由CNA商业保险公司赞助.


的 Safe Company Program is a new safety initiative developed by NALP. 的 goal: to assist landscape and 草坪护理 companies in their efforts to provide a safe work environment.


Participants sign the Safe Company Pledge that commits them to maintaining an active safety program within their company.  专业公司把安全放在第一位. 的y take an active role through safety training and investigation and documentation of job-related injuries. 的y are expected to comply with all OSHA postings and other regulatory requirements.  Additionally, participants pledge to participate in the NALP Safety Recognition Awards Program. 


“At lovebet体育, we have a long history of employing highly-skilled specialists. 的se team members consistently devote hours of study to maintaining their professional certificates. 继续教育对我们所有人都很重要. Participating in the new NALP安全公司计划 is an exciting way to continue demonstrating our commitment to safety and best practices in our industry.”  


For more information about the NALP安全公司计划, visit landscapeprofessionals.org,致电800- 395-2522或电邮 (电子邮件保护).


Safety meeting lovebet体育 NALP Safe Company program

Regular safety meetings are one important way the crew at lovebet体育 demonstrates our team’s commitment to delivering the very best responsible, reliable services to the Clark County and Portland Metro communities we serve.




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“Albina Fuel Award – Outstanding Corporate Partner” from the 温哥华市中心协会 (VDA)



的 国家园林专业协会 represents an industry that employs nearly 1 million landscape, 草坪护理, irrigation and tree care professionals who create and maintain healthy green spaces for the benefit of society and the environment. 欲了解更多信息,请访问 LoveYourLandscape.org.


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